You should be able to devote about 40 minutes to complete this task.

The importance of history is that it offers an opportunity to increase our understanding of the human condition. In the near future, all of the northern Europe was Protestant, and even though the Catholic Church attempted to counter-reform in order to convert all people back to Catholicism but it was largely unsuccessful. It’s also relevant in an age defined on one hand, by modernity as well as increased willingness to reflect and reflect, specifically during historic anniversaries. The decline of Christianity in Europe.

If we’re planning to reflect on the past at the past, it is important to do it with a sense of accuracy and understanding. As the years progressed and a half centuries, the Church was being asked to address questions more difficult than those asked in the writings of Martin Luther. Yet, whatever the future career path we’ll take in the future, all of us benefit in some way from a subject that helps put our current society into a wider historical context. Scientists had begun looking beyond Christianity to find answers in the natural world, and there was there was little evidence from observations and experiments suggested the notion that the creation of God took place within a period of six, 24 hours.

Studies in history make us alert and aware in a world which, consequently, becomes more fascinating and complex. Charles Darwin, himself having thought of a career as priest, was not happy with the teachings of Christianity following the publication of his publication On the Origin of Species . These are important skills to have for life as an adult. In everything from evolution, to astronomy it appeared that Christianity did not have all the answers. Complications also reach the contemporary workplace.

The new political paradigm also challenged the importance of Christianity. The notion of being a job, or an occupation, is now a part of the past. The French Revolution provided the freedom to practice religion for all and the French had seen for a long time battles among Protestants and Catholics bring France into wars. This shift aside from some professions, like university teaching or teaching at school and university teaching, makes it more difficult to draw straight connections between a degree and a particular profession. Then, communism in the Soviet Union would try to eliminate all religious beliefs and the absoluteism of fascism and nazism, that embraced Christianity could contaminate the faith of many. The future could be more challenging for students of 2017/18.

Lesson Summary. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the makeup and the disposition of workplaces are changing as well. Christianity within Europe has experienced a turbulent time, from the first condemnation and later official acceptance through the Roman Empire to divisions between East and West, and again to be split into Catholic and Protestant to a gradual decline due to technological advances and political thought. Due to the increasing number of university enrollment since the late 1990s, it’s becoming greater likelihood your potential employer, instead of dismissing your degree as a luxury they will have similar experience in this or a similar humanities field.

To access this lesson, you need to be an Member. Recent studies have also shown that many employers, while considering learned skills, are looking to hire intelligent, creative graduates with the ability to think and think creatively. Sign up for your account. The knowledge you acquire about the past at university is more than just an understanding of events from the past, or the capacity to deal with information. Writing Activity to Christianity within Europe: It’s also the ability to see what did not take place, what could be happening and what is possible to take place.

Imagine that you’re an Catholic priest from France in the 18th century. Even the most historical-minded employer is genuinely interested in what’s going to be the next thing to happen. You’re concerned about the modern scientific understandings of the universe. Students who choose to study as broad and enriching a field like history are likely to say, well-prepared for a rigorous intellectual exercise. You believe that they could undermine religious explanations of natural phenomena. The issue is to figure out how to get maximum benefit from this opportunity today and for the years to come. Also, you hear reports that French government is looking at the establishment of religious freedom.

If you’re about to start off on a historical degree, you could be thinking about three goals over the next three years: be proud of and test your creativity as you develop your abilities, both in terms of practical and intellectual ones as well as enjoy the process of learning about history its own sake. Write a two-page letter to your bishop informing him of your concern. Dr.

The letter should explain your reasons for believing that the current scientific knowledge and the freedom of religion pose an issue that is threatening not just the Catholic Church, but also to the entire society. Philip Carter is senior lecturer and director for digital studies in the Institute of Historical Research, within the School of Advanced Study, University of London. For instance your thesis statement could be something likethis "Dear Bishop I am worried about the prevailing Enlightenment thinking and that the French government’s plans to establish religious freedom could weaken the power that is the Catholic Church." Remember that this was following the Protestant Reformation, and a Catholic priest may be concerned about the growing number of Protestant religious groups across Europe. Related News. The study of history Essay. GE15: Langkawi not easy for Dr.

In this essay about studying history for IELTS you’re asked to decide if it is better to focus on local history or global history. M This time. Check out the following question: Problem with one too many nibbles. It is crucial for schoolchildren to learn about their own history, rather than the world’s history. Leadership questions. In what degree do you disagree or agree?

My graduation ceremony – where I was awarded my bachelor’s diploma from London School of Economics and Political Science – was a simple event held in the Peacock Theatre, where the larger lectures were given. This is a agree / disagree type of essay. I don’t remember who delivered the speeches but I do remember that it was a significant event that marked the close of a chapter in my life. In these types of essays it is possible to consider two sides to the debate You can also say that you believe it’s best to understand both instead of selecting one.

The event was adorned with obligatory extravagant gowns and gold-plated scrolls. Look over online the sample answer to this question. Studying the History Essay Example.

Advantages of Studying History. You should be able to devote about 40 minutes to complete this task. We all are living in our present, and we make plans for the future, but to be able to pinpoint exactly where you’re headed first, you must know where you came from.

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